An Inside Analysis Of Key Issues For New Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein Canada

Jan 07, 2017  

XP Labs Launches Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein North Bays XP Labs has launched two new athletic dietary supplement products featuring grass-fed protein sourced from New Zealand dairy. The company has also completely reworked their sports nutrition products, from the ingredients to the packaging, to offer more wholesome, healthier workout supplements. North Bay, United States November 3, 2016 /PressCable/ XP Labs, makers of sports nutrition supplements for bodybuilders and regular gymgoers alike, has undergone a major relaunch of their website and fully rebranded their products. In addition to streamlining and updating the companys website, XP Labs has also turned their internet presence into a gateway for bodybuilders, exercise enthusiasts, and other athletes to discuss sports nutrition with health and fitness experts. This is an important step in empowering health-minded individuals to make the best decisions for their own personal health. XP Labs hopes to make a serious push towards placing health and wellness, which can work in conjunction with meeting ones fitness goals in a timely manner, above the less nutritious and occasionally dangerous or untested options which are currently available on the market. In an effort to provide healthier options for dietary supplementation, XP Labs has focused heavily on ingredient selection and research. The company relies on private testing to ensure product quality, and through this testing, XP Labs have determined that non-GMO New Zealand whey protein is a superior and affordable choice for their protein sourcing. New Zealand dairy is unique in the sports nutrition world, as it is almost purely grass-fed and free of additives such as hormones and antibiotics. While further studies are necessary to determine whether or not livestock additives can be detrimental to developing athletes, many health enthusiasts and sports nutrition experts advise only consuming the purest choices whenever possible. As a result, XP Labs have put forth serious effort into finding pure sources of whey protein for the health of bodybuilders and other athletes.

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I'll rebury some for sure! I use the NZ Whey, the Micellar Casein and the isolate depending on what exercise I am planning or have completed. It is only produced using Cross Flow Microfiltration. Always consult your doctor before using any new supplements, and discontinue usage if (click here) you experience any adverse side effects. Texture is smooth and blends quickly when mixed with coconut milk and frozen spinach leaves. Hormone, GMO, antibiotic, pesticide and soy free. I was hesitant to try in fear of the taste but I was pleasantly surprised. Pauline B. on 20/07/2016 I love this protein.

Dan on 18/05/2013 I got the vanilla flavour. New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate Grass-Fed Reviews Derek J. on 21/10/2016 Been ordering the vanilla but decided to try the chocolate this time around. Great quality and good value. A regular whey concentrate will be around 80% protein per serving, sometimes less than that, whereas grass-fed whey concentrates from New Zealand, can be as high as 90% which is very impressive for a concentrate. Great shipping,clean taste but lack of product information Saab on 04/01/2016 The only reason I am giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because there is a lack of information about the product.Where it is being sourced from e.g what company. The reason I like to buy plain whey protein powder is that I find sweetness in flavoured protein overwhelming. In fact swapping a cow’s diet from grass to corn can kill the animal if not introduced gradually with a large dose of antibiotics. It's got amazing taste, like creamy, fresh milk. Simply Delicious!

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